About Our Furniture

Dannar Country Furniture has a very distinct country look.  It is a combination of a Milk Paint finish, light distressing and glaze to give that gently worn with patina look.  This is contrasted with dye stained natural pine tops and interiors to show off the beauty of the pine.  Doors and cosmetic panels are beadboard or flat panel and really give it a warm country look.  

Contact us for information on custom pieces and adjustments to existing products.

All of our designs are unique to us.  Most started as a custom piece to satisfy a need for a customer then became a standard in our lineup.  We know how important it is to our customers that their furniture look good but also be functional.
Our furniture is custom built with pine boards.  We take the time to joint and plane the boards to give our product a good foundation and make seams virtually invisible.  Drawers are dovetailed, doors are all routered and glue jointed.  Sheet stocks are only used on limited panels, backings, and drawer bottoms.  Table legs are planed from solid pine.  All drawer runner systems are hand built classic style.

Just like our designs, our finish has a very unique look.  We use a combination of Milk Paint finishes, glazes and dyes.  Our hand applied finishing process is a combination of painting, buffing, and distressing that takes 10 different steps to complete.  Our use of dyes instead of stains makes us unique and enhances the pure beauty of the wood.  All surfaces are protected with Hi Performance clear coat.
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Colors will vary slightly after distressing and glazing.  We recommend getting color samples to confirm the color.